Xerox multifunction printers—emphasis on the “multi”—can do so much more than simple print, copy, and scan operations.

When you start digging into the features of your MFP, you’ll probably be blown away be all the nifty little tricks your device has up its sleeve.

That’s why today we’d like to take a moment to share with you some of the lesser-known yet really, really useful features your Xerox MFP has been hiding from you.

Let’s dig right in:

Quickly Copy ID Cards

It comes up pretty often that a business has a reason to copy an ID card, for example driver’s licenses or insurance cards. It’s usually a bit of a pain, because in order to copy both sides of the card, you have to flip it over and reload the sheet of paper… then position the card so it doesn’t get copied over the original image.

Not with Xerox!

Most Xerox MFPs are equipped with an ID card copying feature to print perfectly aligned copies. Place the card in the copying bay, allow your printer to scan it, and flip it over. Voilà, a single sheet comes out.

Since copying ID cards is a bit different on each model of MFP, you can check out this official Xerox guide to see how to do it with yours.

how to copy id cardsCopy a Book and Print Individual pages

Your Xerox MFP has a special mode that makes copying a section of a book a breeze. The mode automatically copies both the right and left pages of the book, separates these scans into individual files, and then can print them on separate pages, just like the book itself.

Since it’s likely that the book you’re copying is a non-standard printer paper size (i.e., A4), the book copying feature will remove those ugly black areas that tend to appear around the edges. This makes for a very crisp presentation.

Find model-specific instructions for your Xerox unit’s book copying feature at the Xerox Knowledge Base.

xerox mfp how to copy a bookPrint Multiple Images or Document Pages on a Single Page

Referred to as multiple-up printing, this is an invaluable feature both for convenience and reducing the amount of paper and ink you’d normally have to use.

Let’s say that you need to review a document that’s four pages long. Without any special settings, that would normally use four sheets of paper. But what if you could print two of those pages side by side on a single sheet of paper?

That’s exactly what multiple-up printing does—and you can have more than just two sheets packed into one. Most Xerox units support up to sixteen images or document pages on a single sheet, which is great for quickly reviewing a long document.

Now imagine that you print these documents on both sides of the paper. Using our original example of four pages, multiple-up printing allows you to print the entire four page document on a single sheet of paper (front and back).

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