Are you interested in streamlining your work environment?

What would it mean for your business if everyone in your office saved an extra hour a day? Two hours?

Cloud printing can be a major boon to productivity, and even more so if you hammer out the right workflow for your team. If you’re already working with modern Xerox office equipment, you’re likely on the cloud already – now it’s time to use it to your best advantage.

In this post, we’d like to explore five quick-but-effective tips to improve your cloud printing workflow and overall productivity. You’ll learn how to save time through simultaneous collaboration, when to delegate, why centralizing communication is vital, and more.

Let’s start with an important point that can truly save a heap of time in almost all cases:

cloud printing workflow#1 – Team Members Can Collaborate Simultaneously

For offices recently migrated to a cloud based document serving and printing environment, this kind of cloud functionality might still be new. If it’s old hat to you, skip to tip number two!

A huge benefit of cloud printing is that with almost all platforms multiple team members can work on the same document, on the same or different sections, all at the same time. No need to pass around “updated” versions of the document anymore over the local network or with flash drives—working on the cloud means that it’s already updated.

If your team isn’t collaborating simultaneously yet, get them started for massive time savings.

#2 – Delegate to Individuals When it Makes Sense

Even though team members can work on the same files at the same time, it’s still going to make sense to delegate certain tasks to individuals. Not every element of every project needs to be handled as a group.

Delegation within group projects is massively improved through clear communication so that team members know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and when their individual deadlines are.

Here’s how you can improve communication:

cloud collaboration workflow#3 – Centralize Cloud Communication

Communication between team members should be centralized as much as possible. In other words, everyone should be sharing ideas and updates on the same platform.

Imagine a scenario where some team members are using Skype, others are using Slack, and more still are just using email. Sounds like a bit if a mess doesn’t it?

Make sure that your team members are all using the same kind of platform to communicate so that nobody gets left out of the loop, otherwise vital information is sure to be glossed over.

#4 – Don’t Leave Remote Workers Out of the Loop

Another reason that it’s so important to centralize communication is that it ensures your remote workers aren’t left out of the loop. Whether you have employees out on business trips that still need to contribute or you’ve hired subcontractors in another state, keeping everything visible for everyone working on the project.

#5 – Scan Project-Relevant Hard Copy Archives

Xerox multifunction printers make it easy to digitize your entire collection of paper archives. Once done, you can search for documents right from your workstation instead of digging through filing cabinets.

If you haven’t digitized your entire archive yet, make sure to at least scan in all of the project-relevant documents your team is working on.

Excited to Get on the Cloud?

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After all, that’s our job.

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