A single idea seeds every project regardless of the outcome. Unfortunately, not all ideas and created equal and certainly they don’t all turn out to be worth the time and effort. But when you have a good one, and a highly effective team in place, miracles of hard work happen and results can be phenomenal.

One trick that bolsters the best outcome and team productivity is the SMART test. By defining and ensuring a project is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely before liftoff and that it remains on the trajectory throughout will make a big difference in achieving a successful outcome.

The next time you launch a project, think about how the team works together and make it a priority to reduce stress and increase productivity by implementing these strategies:

Attitudes matter for team productivity (more than we think)

There’s an age old saying that one bad apple will spoil the whole bunch. True for food and equally true for projects. Positivity is infectious. Naturally it starts with the team lead but having team conversations and buy-in that everyone will  leave negativity at the door for the sake of collaboration will go a long way to realizing success.

What did you say?

Good communication is crucial to the success of any project. The easiest way to address potential communication breakdowns is to set expectations and guidelines upfront. When all players are in agreement and contribute to defining types of information that must be communicated, everyone starts on the same page. Further discussions around style, format, platforms and cadence will make everything significantly better and reduce communication stressors.

Lead by example for good physical and mental health

Regular physical activity is undeniably beneficial to mental health. So is practicing mindfulness. Both have a significant impact on reducing stress. The spotlight has been on this topic for long enough now that most organizations have added perks to their list of benefits. Examples include nutrition dense snacks, low calories beverages, memberships to a gym, bike lockers, showers and fitness trackers. All of that is wonderful but if you’re the team lead, nothing aside from making your team into fitness partners, will be more successful than leading by example. Actively encourage them to participate by participating yourself and making physical activity simple and accepted for your team.

Automation is your best friend

Some projects lend themselves to evoking tools. Maybe it’s project management or analytics software; maybe there are other tools that can make a difference for the team. Take suggestions and make it a goal to automate everything possible by investing in solutions that save time and (especially) frustration for your team.

Remove obstacles such as unnecessary distractions

It might be something you’ve never considered, but office place disruptions in the form of interruptions cost huge sums of money in lost salaries. Think for a minute about how long it takes to get back on task after an email, text or call whisks you way. The sum total organizations pay equates to well over $5B per year just in lost time. As a team, it’s time to look at minimizing downtime caused by internal messaging apps like iMessage, Skype and Google Chat and other digital distractions like Facebook messaging, and email.

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