You’ve heard the old saying time is money.

If your team has to spend a lot of unnecessary time shuffling around a disorganized workplace, that’s slowly but surely going to eat into your budget. The layout of your office is surprisingly important if you want to maximize efficiency for your staff.

It’s about more than just efficiency, too. A well organized and intelligently designed layout can even reduce employee stress. It’s true—imagine if your water cooler was in the supply closet. That’s a silly example of course, but it hammers home the general concept: where people and things are placed matters.

In this post, we’d like to examine five simple-yet-powerful tips to improve the layout of your office to increase staff efficiency and comfort:

ideal printer location in office#1 – Plan for Growth

First things first: there’s little point in having the “optimal” office layout if it can’t support expansion when necessary. As time goes on, your business will hopefully do better and better and thus require more employees.

Sometimes you can plan for that eventuality through the layout of the office itself, and more often than not modular furniture will play a part. It’s incredibly easy to disassemble and reinstall elsewhere; some lease agreements can even be improved if you use it since upgrading to a larger space will be faster and cheaper.

#2 – Offer Employee Choice Whenever Possible

According to this Harvard Business Review article, research has rather strongly indicated that your staff is more likely to experience improved job satisfaction when they can choose the location and configuration of their workplace. If possible, have a meeting with your staff and allow them to discuss how and where they’d like to work—you might be pleasantly surprised with what they come up with.

#3 – Seriously Consider Lighting

Did you know that lighting can have a significant impact on mood, productivity, and overall well being? It’s a shame that more businesses don’t pay it much mind. The study referenced here indicates that nearly 70% of office employees are unhappy with lighting conditions at their current workplace. Utilize natural light as much as possible from windows, install sunlight simulating desk lamps, and reduce your reliance on fluorescent light.

smb interior design#4 – Keep High Traffic Paths Clear

Have you ever been to an office that felt plain old cramped? It likely had to do with the amount of furniture/desks. If employees are bumping into each other on their way to the coffee maker, that’s a problem. Keep pathways and especially high traffic areas clear of furniture and clutter as much as possible.

#5 – Keep Your Multifunction Printer in a Central Location

Startups and small to mid-sized business typically only need a single multifunction printer—the printer fleet can come after you go public—so where it’s placed in the office can have a huge impact on overall productivity.

Generally, you’ll want your shared office printer to be in a central location that minimizes the distance that your staff will have to walk to retrieve their documents. TK

The Best Way to Optimize Your Office Just Might be a Xerox Multifunction Printer

You can still have an efficient workplace without going all feng shui—a lot of the “optimization” process relies heavily on the quality and reliability of your office equipment.

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