Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a clean environment, whether it be your home or workplace, that you somehow just feel better when things are well organized?

Take your desk for example. Your papers are neatly stacked or filed away, the dust has been wiped off, and your pens are in that little cup. Compare that to how you might feel when you have papers and notes everywhere, your stapler is hidden under a mound of reports from last week, and the remains of your lunch have been shoved off into the corner. Even thinking about it is a little stressful.

Here’s why it works that way:

xerox mfp automation featuresThe Science of Clutter

There’s a scientific reason to explain why being clean and organized feels better to us as humans. Reasearchers at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute published a study in the Journal of Neuroscience that went into great detail about how visual chaos (i.e., clutter) restricts our ability to focus, process information, and serves to distract us from our most important tasks.

It’s pretty amazing how accurate this is for most people. Try it now; spend the next five minutes tidying up and come back to this post. You’ll likely notice a subtle feeling of serenity. And yet, even knowing this, a messy desk is still how so many of us try to get things done—both in the real world and digitally.

While we can’t help you get your desk cleaned up, the modern Xerox technology we offer at Document Solutions can help you declutter your digital life. It might even help you save up to three hours per day:

How to Get an Extra THREE Hours Back Every Day

According to a survey conducted by Adobe, the average office professional can spend over three hours per day working on email. Some of that work is undoubtedly important—reply to customer messages, communicating with colleagues, and so on. But what would it mean if you could cut that time down by one third? By half? The time and cost savings would be tremendous.

Scanning documents directly into their inbox is how plenty of people use the scan-to-email feature of their Xerox MFP. However, you should only do so when it really makes sense:

xerox end to end scanningWhen to NOT use Scan-to-Email

There are scenarios where your Xerox machine’s scan-to-email feature makes plenty of sense. Maybe you just want the document for yourself and having it land in your inbox is the most convenient. Maybe you need to forward the document to a handful of people in your contacts list, and scan-to-email saves you a few steps.

However, for scenarios where scan-to-email doesn’t save you time (e.g., simple document archival), you should try to start using the end-to-end scanning feature. For example, say you have a document that needs to be archived. Instead of sending it to your email and then sending it to your company cloud service, your Xerox printer can send it directly to the cloud instead—no more clutter in your inbox.

How Xerox Changes the Way You Work

Modern Xerox products can have a dramatic impact on the way you and your entire staff get things done. Increased productivity and lower costs are just the beginning—check out this short guide on how to choose the best multifunction printer for your small business and prepare to be amazed at what you can do.

The new year is just a few short weeks away—don’t you want to start it off right? Get in touch with our team of experts and let us help connect you with the office equipment you need to have your best year yet. Contact us today for more information or, if you already know what you need, please feel free to request a no-cost, zero-obligation online quote.