Here at Document Solutions, we believe that technology should always work for you, and never against you.

Xerox seems to share this vision, and one of the ways that ideology manifests itself is within the extensible and incredibly useful feature set of Xerox’s Remote Print Services. This set of features have been designed to simplify administering your printer. For larger organizations, that means taking some of the pressure off of your IT department. For small businesses, that might mean taking some of the hassle out of your day.

Both VersaLink and AltaLink multifunction printers have access to the range of Remote Print Services and can be set up and configured in a few easy steps. If you’re not sure how to set up your device, you can find instructions for your make and model on the official Xerox Support pages. To confirm that your device is compatible (likely unnecessary if the device is relatively modern) you can input the unit’s serial number into this official device eligibility test.

Now that you know how to get set up for remote print services, let’s discuss why you might want to in the first place—strap in, because it’s pretty impressive.

Let’s begin by checking out a huge time-saver:

automatic supply replenishmentHow to Set Up Automatic Supply Replenishment With Remote Print Services

Member’s of Xerox’s ASR (Automatic Supply Replenishment) program can completely eliminate the hassle of manually ordering needed supplies like ink or toner—which can substantially cut down on accounting work, IT staff intervention, or simply running out of supplies at an inopportune moment.

As a remote print service, the ASR service will keep track of the amount of ink or toner your device has and automatically order a replenishment when you need it. Note that the system is set up so that your average supply use is tracked, and the order is made before you run out. This means that you’ll always have supplies on hand when you need them, without a person actually having to make the order.

Learn more about the Xerox ASR service in this official document (PDF link).

The Advantages of Automatic Meter Reading With Remote Print Services

Your Xerox MFP’s meter can be thought of as the “odometer” for the device—it enumerates the number of pages printed (and thus resources consumed) by the unit. This can be useful for budgeting, or necessary for managed print services.

With remote print services, you can automate meter readings. Instead of manually requesting the meter read from the printer itself, you can have a full report sent to you (or anyone, such as your IT staff or accounting department) at an interval of your choosing. Alternatively, meter reads can be triggered to go out after a certain amount of pages have been printed.

remote printer management xeroxStart Saving Time & Getting More Done With a Xerox Multifunction Printer

If you’ve been following the Document Solutions blog for any length of time, you know that we regularly tout the many ways that Xerox office products can help you get more done in a day. For further examples beyond the ones outlined today, take a look at our post Xerox ConnectKey Productivity Tools for Enhanced Collaboration or our post highlighting a Xerox-exclusive app, The One Xerox App That Does Proofreading, Spell Checking, and Plagiarism Detection.

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