Have you ever encountered a scenario where you have multiple documents that you need to make copies of, but they’re all different?

This situation can be a real efficiency killer in most offices. Typically, a member of your team would have to process each job individually. If there are, say, five different documents, each of differing types (e.g., paper size, single-sided, double-sided, and so on), the operator would copy each individually.

If that sounds like a headache, you’re not wrong. However, there is a solution… did you know that your Xerox MFP has a feature built in to make this process much easier and faster?

Let’s learn what it is and how to use it:

xerox mfp build job featureIntroducing the “Build Job” Xerox MFP Feature

Most Xerox multifunction printers have a copy feature called “build job.” When selected, you can create, save, and modify different print jobs, even if the originals are of completely differing types.

Imagine for a moment that you had a standard black and white, single-sided A4 letter original. You also have a color, double-sided A6 sheet and an extra large A2 sheet, single-sided, black and white. They’re all different, but they’re all a part of the same project—and you’re sure your team is going to need multiple copies at different times throughout the week.

Copying each original individually every time someone needed a set of these documents would be a huge hassle. Instead, you should use the “build job” feature. Once selected, you can scan in each document and print them out as a batch. This job can be saved for later use, so the set of documents (no matter how different they are from one another) can be printed out again and again. If you add new documents to the group, you can update your build job to include them.

Talk about a huge time saver!

To find out if your MFP supports the build job feature, you can check the official Xerox support pages and enter in the model number of your machine. If supported, this is also where you’ll find detailed instructions on how to build a print job with your particular model.

Build Job Works for Scanned Documents Too

Assuming you want to scan the documents but not necessarily print them out (e.g., if you wanted to use the scan-to-email feature to receive the documents later on your computer or mobile device), the build job feature can take care of that too. Since it supports both copying and scanning, the job you built can be used in the way that’s most convenient to you.

xerox customize print jobsHow to Simplify Your Workflow Even More With Xerox Office Products

If the way that your Xerox MFP can simplify complex print jobs impressed you, you just might be ecstatic when you find out everything else it can do to streamline your work environment.

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