Have you ever discovered a feature in one of your technology products that made you say, “Wow… why haven’t I been using this all along?”

Variable data printing is one of those features. Once you start brainstorming ways to integrate it into your new or existing print marketing materials, it’s a true game changer.

…So what is it?

Variable data printing allows you to customize predetermined elements of pretty much anything you can print, like letters, thank-you notes, pamphlets, brochures, and more. For example, you could draw names, locations, ID numbers, or anything else from a dataset and integrate it into your prints so that each copy is customized.

Let’s take a quick look at how you might use this technology in a real world setting:

how to print customized mailersExamples of Powerful Customization With Variable Data Printing

Imagine for a moment that you receive a sales letter from a company you’ve done business with in the past. Which greeting would be more likely to grab your attention: “Dear Customer” or “Dear John”? (Assuming your name is John, of course.)

Obviously, the one personally addressed to you would be more likely to catch your eye.

Swapping out names is just a basic example of what variable data printing can do. Let’s step it up a notch.

Imagine what it would do for your ROI if you customized your print marketing materials based on…

  • Where the recipient lives
  • The education level of the recipient
  • Their average income
  • Their gender
  • Or literally anything else you can think of

Note that variable data printing isn’t restricted to text only; you can customize anything that goes on the page, including images.

What you can customize is only limited by your preexisting datasets. For example, you probably already track what customers have purchased in the past.

With that in mind, what if you could send your customers a mailer that highlights products they’re more likely to buy based on their purchase history? How about a brochure that focuses on complimentary products, i.e., perfect upsells?

By now your creative juices should really be flowing with the world of possibilities opened up by variable data printing.

how to customize print marketing materialsRemember, “Junk Mail” is Code For “Impersonal Mail”

What is junk mail? Think about that for a moment—because it’s not just mail that’s trying to sell something.

Junk mail is all the fodder in your mailbox that you know wasn’t designed to appeal to you specifically. It’s plain old “spray and pray” marketing… and with the technology we have at our fingertips with Xerox multifunction printers, it’s not a stretch to call this kind of marketing wasteful.

When you’re reading marketing material that resonates with you, it’s likely because it was customized for that exact purpose. Variable data printing gives you that same power.

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