As a business owner or manager, it’s your job to make big decisions all day long.

You’re probably the one who has to make the call about business expenses, figure out new and innovative ways to improve efficiency around the office, and make sure everyone gets along. You probably even put some thought into optimizing the layout of your office.

But what about the seemingly small decisions that, at a closer glance, can have huge implications for both cost savings and office productivity?

As it turns out, your choice of toner is a much more important decision than you might have ever thought. Yes, really. For offices that rely on hard copy in their daily operation, the cost of printing can come right up in the top three largest expenditures, typically right after rent and payroll.

Therefore, the ability to cut costs without sacrificing quality or productivity is huge.

The key to this winning combination? Toner.

Not just any toner—the right kind, paired with a high quality Xerox printer or MFP, of course.

Let’s take a moment to examine toner in more detail. Below, you’ll learn about the technological advancements of higher quality toner options and how to print documents faster without sacrificing quality.

Xerox toner cost savingsToner Has Come a Long Way in Recent Years

Toner, once the bane of even the most confident office manager, has actually improved in many subtle-yet-impactful ways over the years. Prices have dropped largely as a result of modern printer efficiency. Thanks to a long list of technological improvements in both printers themselves and the design of cartridges, we now have access to more affordable, safer toner.

Take Xerox Emulsion Aggregation toner (whitepaper, PDF link) for example. Xerox EA toner is superior to many alternatives because of its ability to adhere to paper better. This is because of its lower melting point. Lower quality toners typically build up in the machine over time, which means having to pay for more service calls.

Higher quality toner like EA will also allow you to enjoy…

Faster Printing Without Loss of Quality

Xerox EA toner features a nearly instant heating process. Instead of sacrificing productivity and efficiency while you or your team members wait around for the printer to heat up, the printer is ready when you are. Isn’t that the way it should work?

Furthermore, a higher quality toner like Xerox EA will produce documents with a higher print quality. The quality of a toner print is directly linked to the size of toner particles. Smaller particles will enable the printer to create smaller lines during the printing process. Larger particles have the opposite effect. EA toner uses very fine toner particles, but even if you decide to use something else, know that particle size will have a big impact on the quality of print.

Xerox EA toner benefitsThere’s a Lot More to Love About Xerox MFPs Than Just Toner

Toner is just the beginning. Xerox office equipment can revolutionize the way you do business. What would increased efficiency, cost savings, and a happier staff mean for you?

We’re here to help you figure it all out.

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That really is just the beginning!

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