Regardless of what industry your business is in, one thing will almost certainly remain true: as your company grows, so too will the amount of documents you need to print, copy, archive, and otherwise manage, whether they’re physical copies or digitized.

If your business is growing but you and your team are still “winging it” as far as your document management goes, then now is a great time to consider implementing an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for increased efficiency, security, and cost savings, among other noteworthy benefits.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss what exactly an EDMS is and how Xerox technology can help you implement a plan that works for your unique needs and goals.

what is an EDMS?What is an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)?

An EDMS is the uniform method by which your business has decided to manage documents electronically. Typically this includes a means of digital document archival—in other words, storing documents digitally on a server (located either physically at your business or in the cloud through a service like DocuShare Flex).

When your company is no longer chained to hard copy documents, you’ll find that there are significant benefits, not the least of which will be the tremendous efficiency boost. Since your employees won’t have to spend what can amount to a not-insignificant amount of time digging through overflowing file cabinets, you’ll save money and get things done faster.

The real cost of hard copy archival isn’t necessarily just in the supplies; it’s in the employee time lost. An EDMS can not only reduce the amount of time an employee spends looking for a document, but make staff collaboration much easier as well. Let’s take a look at those benefits next.

An EDMS Isn’t Just for Archival – It Streamlines Office Workflow as Well, Sometimes With Surprising Results

While proper digitization of your documents is important, of equal note are the collaborative benefits gained from implementing a company-wide EDMS.

For example, your staff will be able to do things like work on documents simultaneously, access your entire document archive (or sections of it that you’ve pre-approved) from anywhere, and even interact with your printer or fleet of printers. This can be incredibly helpful, particularly if you have remote workers on your team or travel regularly.

Xerox makes collaborating within the guidelines of your EDMS easy—even for non-technical staff or printer administrators—and gives you total freedom of how you wish to do so. Take a look at our post Xerox ConnectKey Productivity Tools for Enhanced Collaboration for some ideas on how to implement collaborative tools that your entire team can use no matter if they’re in the office down the hall or halfway across the world.

how to set up edmsLearn More About Setting up Your Own EDMS and More at Document Solutions in Texas

If you’d like to learn more about how Xerox technology can help you set up an EDMS that saves your business both time and money for years to come, our staff of experts at Document Solutions would be more than happy to help you get started.

We understand that no two businesses are the same, so their electronic document management systems, office equipment, and software needs will of course be different too—that’s why we’re here to help you figure out exactly what your business needs for your unique challenges and goals. Please feel free to visit us at any of our convenient locations throughout Texas.

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