We’re all painfully aware that time is irreplaceable and it’s why we’re always looking for the next best way to save it, use it and conserve it. When it comes to working, productivity can mean the difference between an eight-hour or 10-hour workday and feeling productive helps promote health and well-being.

Here are 12 simple productivity hacks that will help add time to your day:

Forget alerts:

Phone alerts are a major distraction for most people and the buzz, ding or ring is a productivity killer. Turn them off in your phone settings and watch your productivity soar!

Exercise in the morning:

Exercise at any time helps us remain healthy. Research shows it also improves mood and decreases stress. Rather than exhaust, exercise energizes so, when done early it gives a much needed productivity boost at the beginning of the day.

Shorten meetings:

Most meetings can be executed and completed in less than 30-minutes especially when the participants are committed to not wasting time. Forget scheduling an hour, start with 30-minutes and schedule a follow-up meeting if needed. 

Say “no” more often:

For some, saying “no” can be challenging and it might take practice, but over committing kills productivity – fast. So, finding a way to nicely decline when you’re already pressed for time is critical.

Three-minute rule:

For food landing on the floor, there’s a five-second rule, for tasks that pop up it’s three. If you can accomplish it in less than three-minutes, get ‘er done. If it’s going to take longer, schedule it for another time.

Cheers to water:

Water is vital for life. It promotes health and well-being and gives you more energy. An added bonus is that the increase in potty-breaks will force you to get up and take a short walk.

Cuddle Fido:

Many offices promote bringing dogs to work and if yours is one, take the time to cuddle, pet or hug the office dog. Doing so on a regular basis has been proven to reduce stress.

Declutter your work area:

Clutter causes stress for many people and a lot of wasted time looking for this or that. Take time each week to declutter in order to amplify productivity.

Start small or complex:

Accomplishments are a fantastic motivator. Choose a small task or a hard task on your list to accomplish first thing and ride the wave of satisfaction that follows to increase productivity for the whole day.

Sunday check-in:

Yes, it’s still technically the weekend but if you can check-in and mentally prepare for what’s coming on Monday, the whole week will be more productive. It also helps with getting a good night’s rest on Sunday night instead of mulling over the to-do list while tossing and turning.

Use a notepad:

Don’t depend on your memory to serve you when it comes to keeping track of tasks, memories are chronically unreliable. Instead use a digital or paper notepad to track to-do’s and then schedule them for completion.

Put bad habits out of reach:

Just like dieters removing chips and candy from their cupboards, removing temptations to check social media or surf the web when you’re slotted to do other tasks can be treated the same. Turn off the wi-fi, put the TV remote control far from away, close your email client and refer to #2 – turn off your phone alerts.

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