Did you know that direct print mail has a significantly higher customer response rate than email marketing campaigns?

As reported by the Data & Marketing Association in 2017, the average response rate to an email marketing campaign is 0.6%—just over half a percent. The average response rate to direct print mail is 5.1%. Despite more households using internet-enabled technology than ever before, that’s actually the best number reported by the DMA in 15 years.

Print isn’t just “in,” it’s here to stay for a long while.

While we believe the smartest businesses have both digital and print marketing campaigns, the percentages discussed above are just too substantial to ignore. With more and more businesses (shortsightedly) foregoing traditional print advertising in favor of cheaper-but-less-effective digital marketing campaigns, you’re likely to have an even greater edge over your competition than ever before.

Xerox office solutions have made the in-house preparation of print marketing campaigns easier and more affordable than ever before. If you’re interested in making your next direct paper mail campaign a success, you’ll definitely want to make special note of the three key components we discuss below:

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#1 – Have a Stellar Call to Action (CTA)

The Call to Action (or CTA) is, according to many notable copywriters, the most important element of any advertisement. It’s the portion of your campaign that tells the recipient exactly what they need to do next—whether that’s to buy your product while supplies last, sign up for an event, or contact your office for the great services you can provide.

Taking the time to finely hone your call to action can reap huge rewards. Make sure that it’s clear, concise, and compels the reader to act on your offer as soon as possible.

#2 – Send Your Print Mail Advertisements at the Right Time

Timing is important. Email marketers have been researching the topic for years, but the game is a bit different with regard to physical print mail—the timing that works for your email marketing campaigns probably won’t be the same with your direct mail advertisements.

For example, Monday is generally accepted to be the “busiest” day for the average mail recipient. Things have piled up over the weekend and they have more mail to go through. Avoid delivery on Monday if you can help it so you don’t have to compete with other, more pressing post the potential customer may have received.

Midweek is thought to be the best timing for delivery: Tuesday through Thursday, likely because the recipient will be checking the mail for the second time in the week. Additionally, most people work during the week, so they’re more likely to be home than on, say, a weekend trip.

Holidays are of course another major timing consideration, especially for major end-of-year events. Some organizations even send out multiple campaigns during the month of December, once at the beginning and once again closer to the holidays.

profitable direct mail campaigns#3 – Segment Your Target Audience However Possible

This is a brief but crucial tip. Segment your target audiences—i.e., split your campaign in to different groups.

For example, you wouldn’t talk to a new customer the same way you’d speak with a client you’ve had for years, right? Your direct mail advertisements should be the same way. You’d present new or potential customers with different information than your old die-hards.

Segmentation can get as complex as you’d like with alterations to your campaign being based on age, location, or even level of income. Don’t go overboard, but pay attention to the different customer groups you work with and try to custom-tailor your campaign to each.

Start Your Next Direct Mail Campaign Right…

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