The AltaLink series from Xerox is one of the most popular and versatile lines of office copiers on the market—and it just got even better with the latest software upgrade.

The AltaLink series are technically referred to as copiers, but it’s important to understand that they’re multifunction printers (MFP) in every sense of the word—capable of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, along with all of the other modern features of ConnectKey-enabled Xerox devices.

In other words, they can do it all.

Learn more about the black and white AltaLink B8000 here, or the full-color AltaLink C8000 here. They’re both awesome and affordable ConnectKey-enabled machines, capable of custumized workflows, task automation, cloud connectivity, and more.

Let’s take a look at the latest AltaLink software upgrade and learn a little more about these absolute beasts.

time saving features xerox printersWhat’s in the Latest AltaLink MFP Software Update?

One of the coolest new features AltaLink users will be able to enjoy after installing the latest update is a completely customizable home screen. It sounds small, but once you try it you’ll never want to go back to the old way—it’s a huge efficiency booster because you can place your most frequently used apps and features right at the top of the home page for easier and faster access, reducing time spent in navigation.

Another notable improvement is found with the 1-Touch App. For automation fans, this is a godsend. The update enables you to simplify complex workflows by creating app shortcuts which, when tapped, will perform a predetermined action. For example, if you frequently use the scan-to-email feature to have things sent to your personal address, you could set up a 1-Touch button to perform this action without any other steps being involved.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Xerox has also implemented additional security features for the AltaLink series. Called the Configuration Watchdog, this feature prevents non-administrators from changing any settings (either on purpose or accidentally). Accidental changes to security settings by users is a fairly common mistake, so this is a fantastic feature for security-minded users.

Finally, the security updates in this release also have added support for the print management software ThinPrint, adding features like end-to-end encryption and more efficient print data compression (which should speed up print output considerably).

Talk about a huge update!

What Else Can I Do With an AltaLink Series Xerox Copier?

A better question to ask might be what can’t you do?

The Xerox AltaLink series are powerful and affordable MFPs that have been optimized for businesses processes. Their easy management and administration means that even if you don’t have an IT staff, startups, small businesses, or mid-size companies can still easily install and use these products.

The AltaLink series are also fully modernized, giving you built-in mobile connectivity, a big 10.1 inch color touchscreen, and—as we touched on earlier—powerful security features to keep your data safe.

For a detailed description of features and benefits, make sure to check out these product brochures for the B8000 or the C8000 (PDF links).

xerox printer software updatesLearn More About AltaLink and Other Powerful Xerox Products

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