Has your business implemented a data backup strategy yet?

If not, 2019 is your year to do it. Putting off data backups is a pretty common mistake, but many businesses have paid the price for it after one misfortune or another.

Things that can cause data loss are too numerous to count, but common causes might include hardware failure, fire, floods, theft, or a cyberattack. (Note that to help prevent that last one, cyberattacks, we highly recommend checking out our post 5 Must-Know Office Printer Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe).

The point is this: if your data isn’t backed up, it’s at risk to be lost forever. Reliable data backups need not be expensive; in this post we’ll discuss a few affordable and easy-to-implement strategies that you could accomplish in an afternoon or two, even if you don’t have an IT department (or even a single IT person).

small business xerox docushareThe Easiest Way to Backup Your Data: The Cloud

There’s a reasonably good chance you’re using cloud computing and printing already (and if not, here are a few reasons you should). In this case, your files are already backed up in a location other than your personal computing device(s).

Since “the cloud” is just a fancy term for “a server somewhere else,” you’ll be protected against local hardware failures or natural disasters—even if your computer or phone disappeared this instant, your data would still be on the cloud.

Since modern Xerox MFPs offer cloud connectivity, the documents you scan or copy with your printer can also be directly sent to the cloud. If you prefer, no user intervention is necessary, making this a more or less seamless process.

Finally, what makes this an even better data backup strategy, is that any decent cloud storage solution (such as Xerox DocuShare) will have its own backups and redundancies—so for example, even if something happens to the server where your files are located, they’ll still be available somewhere else.

Don’t Forget to Back Up Hard Copy

Data doesn’t necessarily always live in a digital format. However, if you want to protect it, you definitely should consider converting it. Scanning your hard copy document archives and backing them up in the cloud is a relatively easy process. Plus, once it’s done, it’s done—you might even be able to free up some storage space in your office.

Archiving your hard copy files to the cloud offers plenty of other benefits in addition to safeguarding your data. For example, your team will be able to pull documents directly from their workstations rather than making the trip over to that dusty file cabinet in the basement.

Also, archived files will also be searchable like any other document, so finding information will take only a few moments (as opposed to perhaps an hour in some cases).

xerox mfp cloud backupsHow to Supercharge Your Productivity & Efficiency in 2019

Small business owners and office managers alike are always on the lookout for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of their teams—reliable backups are just one of the many ways you can use modern Xerox technology to supercharge both.

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