If you’re a regular reader of the Document Solutions blog, you know we’re big proponents of enhancing office productivity. One of the key elements to a more productive staff is to give them the tools they need to get the easy, menial tasks of the day done quickly, or, as is so often the case these days, automatically.

Office managers quickly learn that one of the most challenging areas to improve productivity is in collaborative projects. Whenever you have a group of people working together that aren’t given the tools they need, productivity will slow down. Fortunately, Xerox devices have many, many different ways to make collaboration easier and faster, whether your team is sitting together in the same conference room or are located in entirely different parts of the world.

In today’s post, we’ll be exploring some of the key technologies that you can implement using your Xerox device to give your staff the tools to be more productive—together.

xerox collaborative appsCloud Collaboration With ConnectKey-Enabled Xerox Technology

One of the easiest ways for businesses of all sizes to improve collaboration productivity is by implementing a cloud printing and document archival system. Xerox multifunction printers make this easy; system administrators can integrate their preferred cloud storage or printing solution with their printer (or fleet of printers) with platforms like Office 365, Dropbox, or Xerox DocuShare, among others.

If desired, every document that gets scanned or copied can automatically go to your cloud storage where it will be automatically named, routed, and placed in the appropriate directory for later retrieval and digital sharing. Many businesses have taken advantage of digital document archival to reduce their reliance on hard copy, which can cut down on expenses (not to mention storage space).

Send Documents to Yourself, Your Teammates, or Your Clients—Right From Your Printer

Your Xerox MFP makes it a quick, easy task to send documents right from the printer to yourself, other staff, or even clients via whatever means you find most convenient. Users can email documents found in the integrated cloud platform right from the device itself, or can scan a new document and have it sent with the Scan to Email feature. Those are just a couple of examples—since ConnectKey enabled devices can integrate with popular CRM platforms like SalesForce, sending documents to your clients is just a few presses away as well.

Keep in mind that your Xerox device can do more than just email—if necessary, you can also fax. For some businesses, faxing is a requirement (certain regulatory procedures require hard copy signatures, which fax is considered), and being able to do so from their printer is a massive time saver. Learn more about faxing from your Xerox device in our blog post here.

team collaboration project technologyNeed to Stay Connected? There’s an App For That

Xerox ConnectKey enabled devices grant you access to the Xerox App Gallery, which can give you seemingly unlimited flexibility in how you can extend the functionality of your device. There are apps that can help you accomplish nearly any goal you can think of. On the Document Solutions blog we occasionally highlight some of these apps, such as the Xerox Proofreader Service app.

Learn More About Enhancing Collaborative Productivity at Document Solutions

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