Something most small business owners and office managers realize shortly after making the switch to Xerox technology is that a lot of the “high level” tasks they previously thought were too difficult or expensive to set up are suddenly possible, often for free (as is the case with many of the apps in the Xerox App Gallery) or at a low cost.

Not too long ago, some of these tasks would have required expensive infrastructure, both to purchase and maintain. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology both in the general sense and because of innovations at Xerox, these tasks can be performed by small and midsize businesses, and in many cases, even startups. Office equipment with features like authentication and access control, automated accounting and reporting, advanced security measures, and more are all much easier to implement.

Those features and more are offered by the modular print management system developed by Xerox called Workplace Solutions. In today’s post, we’ll discuss what those services are exactly and why there are two different varieties offered by Xerox. We’ll also cover how to choose the version that’s best for your unique business needs and goals.

Let’s begin by covering what the Xerox Workplace Solutions actually are:

xerox workplace suiteWhat are the Xerox Workplace Solutions?

The Xerox Workplace Solutions are a series of services and features designed to boost productivity and reduce costs. These services are modular—meaning that you can pick and choose the ones right for your work environment.

Let’s discuss some of those services. Authentication and access control features give you flexible security options to allow only certain people access to your data. This is important for any business, not just those with particularly sensitive data. You can choose whether you want to use access cards, username and passwords, PIN logins, or authentication using mobile devices. For added security, businesses can even implement two-factor identification.

The next noteworthy feature of Xerox Workplace Solutions are the accounting and reporting capabilities of your multifunction printer. Business owners, office managers, or accounting departments can closely monitor printing not for just a single machine, but all printers in their fleet. This information can give you an at-a-glance overview of printing trends across your entire organization, which will help with proper budgeting. However, these reports can be as granular as you like—know who uses the printer when, for what purpose, and how much was printed.

In addition to these features, you’ll also have access to easy mobile printing from any device whether you’re in the office or not, and advanced security features and printing rule sets.

How to Choose Which Workplace Service is Right For Your Business

There are two hosting options available for Workplace Solutions: the Xerox Workplace Suite or the Xerox Workplace Cloud. The Xerox Workplace Suite is ideal for larger companies who prefer to have their infrastructure on-site, i.e., on their own servers. The Xerox Workplace Suite will of course still offer high quality support from Xerox, but offers a greater range of data control.

The Xerox Workplace Cloud service is ideal for small and midsize businesses who prefer to avoid implementing or wish to reduce their currently existing infrastructure. Easy setup and cloud administration without requiring an on-site server, the Xerox Workplace Cloud offers scalable features and a single print management experience from anywhere.

xerox workplace cloudLearn More About the Efficiency-Boosting Benefits of Xerox Technology at Document Solutions

Xerox Workplace Solutions are just the beginning of what you can do with a Xerox multifunction printer. For a deeper look at some of the more interesting possibilities, just check out our post 3 Lesser-Known Yet Outrageously Useful Xerox MFP Features.

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