Have you ever wanted to talk to your printer?

While we’re a few years away from having a full-blown conversation about paper stock choices—thank goodness—Xerox has developed some really, really impressive voice recognition technology in the form of Gabi Voice, a workplace assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

In fact, Gabi is powered by the same artificial intelligence behind IBM’s Watson, the supercomputer that rose to international fame in 2011 for being the first AI to beat two Jeopardy! Champions. While “he” hasn’t been in the mainstream news too much lately, behind-the-scenes at IBM Watson has been getting a ton of upgrades (which are now being passed along to Xerox’s Gabi).

xerox mfp voice commandsHow do People Use Gabi Voice?

Right now, end-users are able to do things like ask Gabi to scan a document, archive it in the cloud, and email a copy to, say, both a coworker and a business client. Or you can ask Gabi to copy a document and print out two versions of it; one complete copy and another that’s only pages 2 and 3.

Anything you could do yourself on the printer can instead simply be spoken aloud to Gabi, which is a huge time saver, helps business comply with Federal 508c Regulations, and simplifies day-to-day operations in the workplace.

It’s all very impressive stuff. But the privacy and security-conscious among you might be wondering… how secure is Gabi? After all, the news has been filled with stories about other workplace assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and the potential privacy and security concerns inherent with always-online, always-listening devices.

As it turns out, Gabi Voice is very secure thanks to some smart design choices. Let’s learn how it works.

How Gabi Voice Works – And Does So Securely

When you speak a command to Gabi, it sends that data back to IBM for interpretation through the Watson technology. After “understanding” what you want done, instructions are sent back to Gabi, who then carries out your request. This process happens more or less instantaneously.

Here’s the important part concerning security and privacy: all that data (your instructions and the interpretation by the AI) is transferred with industry-leading encryption technology and none of the data is stored. Data that isn’t stored can’t be misused.

Furthermore, Gabi Voice offers a whitelisting feature, meaning that you can set it to only perform certain predetermined functions (e.g., a prankster can’t walk by and say “Hey Gabi, print out five thousand copies…”).

Finally, Gabi is automatically updated with frequent security updates and patches from Xerox. Gabi meets all industry standard security certifications, including ISO 9001.

gabi voice security privacy featuresSupercharge Your Productivity and Security With Xerox Technology

Xerox multifunction printers are true “all in one” solutions for businesses of any size—not only will you gain access to more productivity-boosting features than you can shake a stick at, you’ll also be able to rest assured that your data (and your client’s data) is safe.

If you’re considering purchasing your first Xerox MFP, make sure to check out our post How to Choose the Right Multifunction Xerox Printer for Your Small Business where you’ll learn which feature-rich device would be best for your particular business needs.

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